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      759 John Street, Suite D, Yorkville, IL 60560

      What is land surveying?

      Surveying is the art and science of measuring and mapping of our surrounding environment using mathematics, specialized technology and equipment. Surveyors measure just about anything above, on, or beneath the surface of the Earth. Surveyors even measure polar ice-caps!

      What do land surveyors do?

      Land surveyors work in the office and in the field – from suits to boots. Out in the field, they use the latest technology such as high order GPS, robotic total stations (theodolites), and aerial and terrestrial scanners to map an area, making computations and taking photos as evidence.

      In the office, surveyors then use sophisticated software, such as AutoCAD to draft plans and map onsite measurements. Surveyors work on a variety of projects including land subdivision, mining exploration, tunnel building, and major construction projects — no two days are the same. Because they are experts in determining land size and measurement, surveyors typically work closely with engineers, architects and developers.

      Welcome?James M. Olson & Associates clients!

      The Staff at Todd Surveying are excited to announce the purchase of James M. Olson & Associates. Jim Olson has been faithfully serving Yorkville and the surrounding communities for almost 40 years. We look forward to carrying on that tradition.

      Surveying Projects
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